Please join Nancy T at Natural Massage Therapy for
1st Thursday ENERGY PLAY Series

Every 1st Thursday 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM

Whether you are a newbie, a practicing therapist, or curious about the human energy system, this series is for YOU. Nancy T will teach you ways to feel energy in your body as well as another person’s body. This series is designed to meet you where you are and show you so much more.

Everything is in motion, everything vibrates, that’s energy! When things get stagnant or stuck issues arise in the form of pain, discomfort & disease. The 1st Thursday Energy Play Series opens the door to change by providing insight and bodywork.

Through discussions, self-help exercises, energy healing techniques, exchanging bodywork, and exploring group interests, 1st Thursday Energy Play Series is FUN. Come and discover more about yourself and others.



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928 – 717-1251
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Cost : $10.00 / person per series.
SAVE $10.00 ~ 2 for 1 ~ Bring a friend for FREE!!!


By sharing our history and experience we learn from each other. It is amazing to witness a person feel energy for the first time while another person dives deeper into the human energy system. There is always more to discover in this endless process.

~ Nancy T


“What a great get-together! Thanks for sharing your insights, knowledge, enthusiasm and suggestions. I hope to see you for the next 1st Thursday Energy Play Series.
~ J.O.

“Thank you for sharing your presence, ways of knowing, and caring with us. I have written two friends describing my “aha moment” last night at the 1st Thursday Energy Play Series. The sensation I experienced of physical hands gently holding my feet when in fact physical touch had been removed remains etched in my mind. I am hooked on energy.”
~ D.H.