Finding_My_Way-tnFrom Paralysis To A Rich, Full Life

Two books under one cover. “Finding My Way From Paralysis To a Rich, Full Life” is a compelling memoir as well as a holistic reference guide. A treacherous fall from a 40-foot cliff left Nancy M. Turcich paralyzed from the chest down. Nancy T’s life was transformed after enduring an intensive recovery period which coupled allopathic and holistic medicine. Mindfully peeling away layers of paralysis allowed Nancy to uncover her strength and claim a rich, full life. This book is a wonderful reference guide for students, lay people, and therapist interested in “true” healing.

A portion of the proceeds from your purchase of this book will benefit the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation.

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Lisa-Nancy-borderONE OF EIGHT – my perspective on our brother’s suicide

Suicide = shock, awe, devastation. Uniquely written, “One of Eight-my perspective on our brother’s suicide” delves into the events following the suicidal death of Nancy T’s eldest brother Ronald. It was a life-changing experience in which Nancy shares all of her emotional turmoil. She finds hope through the writing process, and opens her journal entries to her audience. Nancy T’s experience is heartbreaking, fiery, tragic, insightful, and real.

eBook~Available for purchase on your Kindle, Nook.


Book Reviews:

Dr. Richard Jensen Book Review

Finding My Way is a book about a young female who survives a terrible fall during a hiking trip, and physically improves with her condition while learning to deal with both the physical and emotional trauma of the accident. It is a book that’s an autobiography, a source of information, and a source of inspiration. The book touches on a lot of different aspects of both conventional medicine and holistic therapies. Therapist Nancy Turcich gives various accounts of what happened to her in the hospitals and outpatient clinics between the accident and the final stages of rehabilitation. The holistic therapies discussed in the book include: water, massage, colon(ic), music, trauma, polarity, unwinding, sound, aroma, flower, and craniosacral. In addition, there are other therapies discussed such as: homeopathy, herbology, chakras (reiki, overlapping with polarity therapy), yoga, and reflexology. READ FULL REVIEW.

American Polarity Therapy Association

Nancy T’s book, “Finding My Way From Paralysis To a Rich, Full Life,” was so moving, so powerful in how she described her experience. She showed incredible courage and stamina. Nancy helps describe some of the most difficult experiences one could go through with some of the most powerful and progressive therapies available. Her story is inspiring, uplifting and can give hope to so many who are unaware of the many healing options with alternative healing. Thank you for allowing me to read your story.
~Eleonora Lipton, RPE

American Massage Therapy Association- Arizona Chapter

I just finished reading Nancy T’s book and I must say how much I enjoyed reading it…and I think you will too. The beginning of her journey gave me additional insight to what some of my massage therapy clients must have experienced and it gave me a renewed sense as to how my presence and patience can well serve them. Her continued journey of different modalities, of natural therapies, was a joy to read. In both aspects, her descriptive nature had me feeling like I was right next to her. I would highly recommend that you order “Finding My Way From Paralysis To a Rich, Full Life” and experience it for yourself…you won’t be disappointed!
~ Garnet Adair, LMT

Professional Writers of Prescott

Nancy’s story which she poignantly shares in “Finding My Way From Paralysis To a Rich, Full Life” is dramatic and arresting. She tells of her fall from a cliff, beginning her story with “My right foot slipped,” an excellent hook. Her account of the accident is lively and full of detail. She gives us the views of her companions on the hike, their impressions of her fall adding to the reader’s sense of being there.

“I was forced to examine my life,” she writes, and that examination is a large part of her book. She is unsparing about herself and the turns her life took before and after the accident, giving special attention to her feelings and friendships. But the book is mainly about healing, as the title indicates. Nancy takes us through agonizing therapies and hospitalizations. She makes decisions based on her new knowledge gained from the aftermath of her fall that inform the reader about useful treatments. I noted that a portion of the book’s receipts will go to the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation. A fitting dedication.

I think “Finding My Way From Paralysis To a Rich, Full Life” is a valuable resource for caregivers and body workers because Nancy gives us honest opinions about what worked for her and what was not successful. My hunch is that many therapists use this memoir as a resource.
~ Elaine Greensmith Jordan, President