Emotional Distress – Sarah

Client History:

Sarah came to Prescott, AZ to be closer to her daughter, Katie. Sarah was beside herself when she called. She explained that Katie was in a rehab program. Katie was doing okay, but not great.

“Let Go” ~ No matter how easy it is to say, it is never easy to do, especially when it comes to mother and child. Sarah was in a difficult position; she couldn’t save her child no matter how much she wanted to. Intellectually, Sarah was able to detach, but not emotionally.

Client’s Remarks:

I came to Nancy Turcich in pain. My sinuses where inflamed, my nose bleeding, my throat hurt like hell. My first words to Nancy were: “I have to take antibiotics instead of seeing a natural healer”, but to my surprise Nancy did not send me away. Instead she sat me down and talked calmly with me. We quickly found the emotional wound that had triggered my illness. I cried a bucket of tears. Nancy called it release and put me on her massage table. Nancy’s touch is such, that I wished she would never stop. After my first session (Nancy does not look at the clock when treating a patient) I was free of pain and feeling much better. Next week’s treatment brought me back to my center. I am deeply grateful for her services, and do recommend anyone in physical or emotional distress to give Nancy a chance to help them. – Sarah


Due to stress, Sarah was experiencing neck and shoulder pain. It was as if she were carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders. Polarity Therapy* cross currents were a good place to start to alleviate some of the pressure. Once I connected the heart with the head a deep grief surfaced and emotions arose… tears streamed down Sarah’s cheeks. I wiped away the moisture and asked Sarah if she needed anything. She shook her head “no” as the water works continued.

To balance and advance the watery fluid from the head through the body and back again I employed CSF*stimulation. Sarah said, “As you rock my spine it feels like a snake slithering side to side.” Once the movement slowed, I manipulated Sarah’s misplaced coccyx. (In Polarity Therapy, the tailbone is the negative aspect of the spine and its alignment transfers to the entire spine). Ending the session with a chakra balance* brought a soothing, peaceful state. Sarah commented; “I can breathe a little easier and the pressure in my neck and shoulders isn’t as intense.” I added, “Emotions tend to lock up the spine and once they are free the spine becomes more flexible.” With a smile Sarah said, “I do feel free.”

As we continued to work together, Sarah shared images from watercolors that she created post-treatment. The pictures displayed a great deal of her inner world. We discussed what the images represented to her and then we opened areas of Sarah’s body that related to her art. Through Polarity Therapy, I worked with the diaphragm to open the breath and the pelvis to help release deep-seated emotions. Mentally and emotionally, she slid onto the right track.

I invited Sarah to join me for my Feldenkrais ATM®* class. Feldenkrais® is a great way to discover hidden patterns and reorganize the nervous system. Sarah had incredible body strength but when it came to internal realizations in movement, she was a little weak. I felt that the subtle movements in class would help Sarah find more pieces of herself. It did just that.

Sarah discovered internal connections in a relatively short period of time. Her artwork and an abundance of processing time were highly effective resources. The ATM® class provided another valuable resource.

* For more details about CSF, Polarity Therapy, chakra balance, Feldenkrais ATM® please refer to Nancy’s book, “Finding My Way From Paralysis To A Rich, Full Life.”

Client’s Remarks:

Hi Nancy:
Thank you for having given me your attention and treatments. It was a wonderful experience. After you had to listen to all my hang-ups I want to report a miracle:

I went to pick up Katie after our session. She looks three times better than two days ago. She was friendly and cooperative. We had a wonderful lunch and a stress-free conversation.

I am always surprised to realize that magic actually works.

Many thanks to you! It was good to see Katie after the treatment, when I was balanced and pain-free. Thanks again. – Sarah

Severe Depression – Felicia

Client’s Remarks:

After suffering for over two years from debilitating emotional and physical pain, sadness and exhaustion, spending more time in bed than out and having run the gamut of medical tests, I started my journey with Nancy Turcich. The healing energy that Nancy provides is beyond words. Her therapy room exudes an immediate sense of safe, peaceful serenity. I was shut down, deteriorating bit by bit. I wanted to run away from myself. My body is living energy but I wasn’t truly in touch with what that felt like. I only knew I couldn’t go on like this. Working with Nancy, I was able to regain the feeling of a living vital human being. To be completely relaxed and feel my own life force coursing thru my veins and air filtering into my pores sounds unimaginable, but it’s not. It is like my “on’ switch has been activated. Imagine crawling into the eye of a morning glory. I came into myself and felt an explosion of beauty, quivering vibrant energy and colors prickling throughout my being. The whole world, including me, looks like it has just been washed with a gentle rain, bright, vivid, renewed. My skin oozes color where it once was pale and lifeless. A smile, impossible to contain, lights up the room. The debilitating fog has lifted. I want to stay in my body – no longer desiring to escape. Opening to the process of allowing energy to flow and feeling so safe I can let my emotions bubble to the surface is an experience I wish for everyone. -Felicia



Client History:

It had been more than five years since I heard from Felicia. I had just returned from vacation when the phone rang and Felicia asked for my help. Severe depression was consuming her and she was forlorn. I told her to come over and I would do my best to help her.

When she arrived, her blues were etched on a face that appeared lost. Felicia has an amazing smile that lights up the room, but that expression was a billion miles away.

We talked for quite some time to catch up on where she was and where she wanted to be. Felicia told me how hard it was to simply get out of bed. I asked what being in bed did for her and she said, “I can bury my head under the covers and hide.” I didn’t ask who or what she was hiding from. Instead, I asked, “What brings you to yourself… what are your resources?” Gardening, plants, birds… the list started to grow like a flower in the spring. That was a great start because it transitioned Felicia from darkness to light. I explained the importance of resourcing and I asked Felicia to continue to grow her garden of resources.


Once on the massage table, Felicia’s spine felt very tense, especially upper and lower. Her wings were glued to her ribs. I said, “You need wings to fly.” That broke the ice and she laughed. Once the discomfort registered, Felicia felt the immobility cellularly. I continued with Polarity Therapy* throughout her backside. Then I spread almond oil on her skin and gently massaged the tissue. My intention: “simply to nurture.” Felicia drank it all in. Her breath rose in that moment… it felt like her first full breath in a very long time.

The session continued on her front side. I worked with her cranium and face. There was some major soreness in the left jaw. As I pressed into the area tears streamed down Felicia’s cheeks. I checked with her to make sure that my pressure was okay… she nodded “yes” and let the tears flow at will. It was important to move the energy from her heart through her throat and out of her body.* With my hands above her body, I progressed in that direction. Whimpers and tears accompanied the motion.

I went to her feet to soothe and ground her energy. A light foot massage ended the session or so we thought. Once my hands came off her body it appeared that a volcano was building in Felicia’s guts. I went to her side and whispered, “Let it come.” The floodgate opened and a huge discharge of tears and fears poured forth. Felicia’s back arched and I embraced her elevated body. She opened up even more… unwinding each step of the way. Her entire body was shaking. Eventually, she managed to say, “Thank you.” I said, “YOU are more than welcome.” I gave her some tissue to wipe her face and some water to quench her thirst. Once she was ready, I left her alone to gather her new self.

Felicia and I continued with weekly sessions. Each treatment allowed Felicia to find more pieces of herself and her life. We continued to build her resource garden and beautiful quilted mandalas sprung from each session. Her breath opened more with a great deal of Polarity Therapy around her diaphragm. The composition below, “Sensations, Purging, Releasing,” came from what transpired in that session. It was extremely POWERFUL. Felicia said, “You inspire me.” She left with a great BIG smile on her face.

The next treatment Felicia came to the door smiling. It was beautiful to see. She said, “I’m not sure if life was always as good as this last week has been and I just didn’t recognize it or if it is new.” I replied, “Sometimes we are unaware of what is right in front of us. I’m just glad that you feel life again.”

In my sessions with Felicia, the shifts were great in a short period of time. I feel that was because Felicia was more than ready for change. She knew that she was going down and she couldn’t find her way back alone. I’m just glad that she asked for help. It’s been a real honor to be a part of her process. I love helping people FIND THEIR WAY.

* For a more details about Unwinding & Polarity Therapy, please refer to Nancy’s book, “Finding My Way From Paralysis To A Rich, Full Life.

Sensations, Purging, Releasing

My core is pulsing,
Temperature rising within
Energy circulates
Like lava inside a lamp
Heat intensifies
Increasing the flow
Until globs fly off
Sinking slowly gently
Touching my toes, laughter, tears
Hot liquid courses up my legs
Into my core
To begin again–the flow–the globs
My arms are like spears of ice
Jagged & pointed
They look like pulsing ocotillos
Prickling shoots out of each thorn
I want out
The pain, the ugliness presses into my ribs
Overwhelming sadness blackens my soul
I want to let it out
I feel paralyzed
Cramps distort my movements
I feel as if I might shatter
Into a thousand slivers
I reach for that wretched mass
Pushing out of my being
Out of my life
My arms take it over my head
They feel like miles of pulsing pricks
I release it
It feels like a raging torrent
Pent up way too long
The dam weakens
Chunks of gunk
Gushes out
The grenade explodes
With the roar
Blowing pieces of rotting shit
Far away from my preciousness
Light & beauty quickly fill in the nooks & crannies
Mixing with energy lava
Flowing from my nose to my toes
by Felicia

HIV/AIDS – Sinus Infections – Sammy

Client History:

Sammy and I met when he was not feeling the best… HIV/AIDS had drained him. Slowly, he regained his strength with medication and lots of rest. Presently, Sammy is a hard working man. He loves life and continues to thrive.


A combination of massage* and polarity therapy* worked best for Sammy. Human touch is really important to HIV/AIDS patients.

Initially, the treatments were to nurture and provide a peaceful environment. That continued as Sammy gained strength. Once he returned to work, to manual labor, his body was expressing areas of tautness. His hard work was paying off in musculature definition, but the tissue wasn’t very pliable. To ease structural stress I added partial unwinding* into the treatments.

Once we employed craniosacral therapy*, the tension in his spine melted away as Sammy faded into the ether. His feet and hands were areas that released a great deal of tension throughout his body. Sammy’s right side continued to go out of alignment due to carrying a huge ladder. We explored how to work his own diaphragm to help relax the shoulders as well as some restorative yoga postures. Ice and stretching are his greatest companions.

When sinus infections were present, we worked with Sammy laying on his back so he could breathe with relative ease. I applied peppermint oil to the soles of his feet, his chest, throat and sinuses. It’s amazing how quickly the essential oils* penetrate and relieve sinus pressure. Sammy decided to stop medication and he started to use peppermint oil on a regular basis after a few session proved its effects. A neti pot was also suggested to keep the sinuses clear.

Sammy has expressed how important natural therapy is to his overall health. He used to think massage was a luxury. Now, he recognizes it is as a health benefit… a way to maintain health.

* For more details about massage, polarity, craniosacral, unwinding and aromatherapy, please refer to Nancy’s book, “Finding My Way From Paralysis To A Rich, Full Life.”

Client’s Remarks:

Words cannot express how much I love, respect and admire you and your abilities. You inspired me when I was at my lowest and you continue to help in my spiritual and physical healing. You are an important piece in my journey of life. Love, Sammy

Thank you so much for your caring and great treatment. Every time that I get to have a session with you it is so rewarding. I appreciate your talents so much. You are such a wonderful caring therapist. Mere thanks just doesn’t say enough.
Love you, Sammy


Intense Back Pain – Alexis

Client History:

Alexis nearly crawled to my front door with the help of her husband. Her back pain was intense and unrelenting. She was frightened that she may have caused permanent damage to her spine although she couldn’t attribute the pain to a particular physical act.. she just woke up that way!

Client’s Remarks:

A dance. A luscious, healing dance. That is what comes to mind when I think about what it is to have a session with Nancy. In our conversation beforehand, I set my goals. “What do I want as the outcome?” It has been as specific as “I want my little finger to feel good;” as general as “I want to be able to walk without pain;” or as expansive as “I want to open up to life.“ And Nancy, I believe, now understanding where my mind wants to go, can work with my body to follow. With complete trust in her abilities and guidance, she gently and expertly leads my body where it wants to go in order to heal. After Nancy has worked on me, I am reminded of how wonderful it is to be alive, and how wonderful it is to feel good again.



With Alexis in terrible pain, I was glad to settle her onto the massage table with relative ease. I placed pillows under her knees to flatten the lower back and relieve the discomfort. Once Alexis was comfortable, I manipulated her occipital bone to release tension at the superior spine. Slowly, I moved down each vertebrae of the neck until I reached the shoulders. Alexis was holding stress throughout her spinal column and shoulders. I said, “You can lower your shoulders a thousand times a day… that’s a good start.” This brings greater consciousness to the area. I used Polarity Therapy techniques* to melt away the discomfort in the shoulders, chest and ribs.

Alexis’ feet facilitated the unwinding* process in the lower back. Through Core Synchronization* the bones and muscles align and relax. Everything was done within her comfort level. Cautiously, I placed my hand under Alexis’ hip and found areas of tension in her pelvis. Cross currents* were effective.

While the tissue unwound so did Alexis. She started to share some emotional distress that she was experiencing. As Alexis opened up tears flowed. She no longer had to carry the stress… she found a safe environment to release. I continued to work on Alexis’ tight forearms and hands as she liberated her emotions.

To release the low back, Alexis slowly rolled onto her side because being on her belly was uncomfortable. To open the entire spine, I manipulated inferiorly at the sacrum and coccyx. Alexis’ spine was compressed and in need of space. That expanded the tissue and set her stress free. With guidance, Alexis felt space in the spinal tissue.

Each session with Alexis followed a similar theme even though the pain/discomfort shifted. Alexis discovered that when she follows her heart she is on the “right track” in life. She no longer needs to carry her tension and struggles, she is able to release and enjoy freedom of movement. Alexis’ breath expands as we shift through her emotions and she is unimpeded to be who she loves to be.. a peaceful, loving being.

* For a more details about Polarity Therapy, Unwinding Therapy and Core Synchronization, please refer to Nancy’s book, “Finding My Way From Paralysis To A Rich, Full Life.”


Car Accident – Augustina

In December 2010 I was in a serious car accident, caused by the negligence of a texting driver in Arizona. I was the passenger. I sustained four broken ribs, broken sternum, broken back and a broken clavicle. I was given a torso brace for my back and I had surgery to insert a plate for the clavicle. My right arm was put in a sling for two months, which caused a severe frozen shoulder, back and upper arm.

For two months I went to physical therapy, which served me well with good exercises, and my shoulder “thawed out” a little, but not in time for my sessions to be paid by insurance. I knew I was on my way to recovery, and needed something to get me over the line. It was not just the obvious injuries; it was all the residual things that come with them like the system being overloaded with toxins, compensating pains, and not the least, the mind injuries.

I have had massages most of my adult life and so I thought I would give it a chance… at the very least, I would feel good at the end of each one! So I did some research. I was not looking for a cosmetic masseuse; I needed someone who understood trauma, traumatic injuries and the fears that come with it all. I needed to trust that the person could help me with healing. A friend recommended Nancy Turcich, giving me a very summarized story of Nancy T’s own injuries. She sounded just like who I was looking for to show me how to heal myself.

I was right. The first time I was there, I was hesitant. Traumatic injuries hurt, a lot. In the hospital there had often been a lack of empathy and people had pulled and pushed where they probably shouldn’t and the pain had been excruciating. That pain reminder was still there with me.

After one session though, I knew that Nancy knew what she was doing. She touched with strength and confidence and she knew where problems were, by her touch. I was very grateful. I have been seeing her now for only two months. My range of motion has improved incredibly and my knowledge of my body and how it all works together has increased to where I can now help myself heal, at least on a strong level. I feel great! I return home to Greece now, I leave Arizona knowing I have met a special person and healer and I am grateful. I hope more people take a leap (figuratively of course!) of faith and try Natural Massage Therapy. It is well worth it.

– Augustina
June 2011