1st session FREE:

Four (15 minutes) Find Your Way sessions with Natural Massage

Therapy by phone or via the web

$10.00 each or 4 for $25.00



What if you accepted what you truly needed . . . and your back pain faded away?

What if nothing were more important than YOU. . . and you were able to release the car accident that has left you in a state of limbo?

What if you were living each moment in the present . . . and you woke up happy instead of dreading going to work?

What if you let go, embracing your personal power completely . . . and you lost the weight that is making life heavy?

What if you let the stories of your past transform into energy that serves your future . . . and you slept peacefully through the night by embracing the present moment?

What if you transformed old stories into energy that serves your future . . . and you happily checked a few things off your bucket list?

What if you broke useless, unfulfilling patterns . . . and released the anger and frustration that is causing you pain?

Tap into the essence of your passion, join Find Your Way Program today and claim your Personal Power.


What is Find Your Way Program?

Designed to EMPOWER: Natural Massage Therapy’s Find Your Way Program assists individuals in finding their Personal Power. Shed the dread!

With over 29 years of professional experience as well as 32 years of personal healing, Nancy T has assimilated a great deal of knowledge. Using her skills and understanding of the body, Nancy T helps guide clients toward their desired goals. Whether face to face or communicating by phone or internet, we can determine an amazing course of treatment. Live your life in the realm of well being, health & empowerment.

Natural Massage Therapy has assisted: spinal tension, headaches, whiplash, depression, traumatic injuries, arthritis, jaw issues, weight loss, insomnia, anger matters, drug-alcohol rehabilitation participants, grief, joint degeneration, knee/hip/shoulder replacement patients, chronic diseases, carpal tunnel, neck and back pain.

How does it work?

Find Your Way Program guides you through your story employing your body, your spirit, and your energy to facilitate the healing process. The body stores our life history within its cells. Nerve impulses and muscle memory allow us to move through our day. Healthy nerves and muscles fire better. Natural Massage Therapy guides the body, creating a healthy, high functioning system that feeds and nurtures YOU.

What are the benefits?

Resonate with your natural frequency. Soothe your soul. Live in an expression of union and peace with your environment.

Accept, let go, receive what you need. Natural Massage Therapy’s Find Your Way Program is available when you are. Please contact Nancy T today and “Find Your Way.”

Client Experiences:

Emotional Distress
Car Accident

Program Options:

Receiving therapy in a short period of time will quickly help you “Find Your Way.” Sessions are available in Prescott, AZ or invite Natural Massage Therapy to come to you.*

1) Helpless

~ Feeling helpless, let Natural Massage Therapy guide you to a rich, full life.

If money is tight and you are incapable of participating in any of our fantastic programs we have a solution. Simply purchase Nancy T’s book Finding My Way From Paralysis To A Rich, Full Life and discover how natural therapy can help you find your way. As a self-help guide, Nancy T’s memoir equips you with material to steer you along an applicable course of healing that ushers you into a world of self discovery. $16.95 + S/H (Arizona residents- taxes apply)

2) Who Are YOU?

~ If you are lost and wondering what to do next, Natural Massage Therapy will help you find your way.

We all have days where we feel lost. However, there are convenient and natural techniques to support you as you recognize who you are AND what you value. If you have limited time and resources, invite Natural Massage Therapy to your location. Natural Massage Therapy will teach you how to resource yourself and ease your body and mind through Polarity Therapy.

3) Priceless

~ Good love is Priceless.

Natural Massage Therapy brings people together in a loving, healing way. Nancy T works in tandem with two people to unite their energy through Polarity Therapy. Whether you are getting married, newlyweds, celebrating an anniversary, feeling out of touch with your child, or parent, Priceless is for YOU.

4) Better When We’re Together

~ Sometimes all that we need is a little assistance to come together with ourselves.

Life is better when we’re together because as we come together in mind, body, and spirit, we unite and connect with ourselves. Natural Massage Therapy’s “Combo Deluxe” is the perfect way to reconnect.

5) Let’s Dance

~ Therapy is a beautiful dance between therapist and client. Allow Natural Massage Therapy to assist you in your dance through Unwinding Therapy.

Reduce chronic pain by removing restriction, releasing disturbed energy from the muscle tissue. As we dance, Unwinding Therapy allows Natural Massage Therapy to “tune in” to constricted tissue. Unwinding Therapy includes trauma release through Polarity Therapy, Unwinding Whiplash & Windows of the Sky.

6) Sweet Dreams

~ Clients report “the best night sleep” after a session with Natural Massage Therapy. Sessions may leave you feeling tranquil and sleepy.

Put your body, mind and spirit at ease. Life In The Fast Lane revs the sympathetic nervous system and pushes it into working overtime, causing many STRESS disorders. Tap into the core, the heart of balance and relaxation, with Moxage, Core Synchronism, Craniosacral Therapy, Unwinding Therapy & Windows of the Sky. Natural Massage Therapy taps into the parasympathetic nervous system: rest, relax, repose.

7) Home

~ If Home Is Where You Want to Be, then Natural Massage Therapy will come to YOU.

If feelings of desperation or frustration fill your world or those you care about, let us help. Simply gather some friends or family members and allow Natural Massage Therapy to demonstrate the numerous benefits of natural therapy.