Testimonials for Natural Massage Therapy by Nancy M. Turcich, NTS, BCPP

“It’s like your fingers have little brains. They go to the perfect spot at the most ideal time.”
~ I.C.

“Massage Therapy brought about profound changes in my physical and emotional bodies. I felt awakened on all levels. I was given space to begin peeling away layers of old issues in a safe and healthy healing environment. I’m amazed by the continued changes I have felt after working with Nancy.”
~ Penny Neu

“Wow! What a session! The swelling has gone down about 75% in the right ankle and STAYED DOWN! And the pain is reduced too. Thank you. I also felt a lot of stress drop away and felt very expansive afterwards.”
~ Cindy

“I came to Nancy through a friend because I was having hip problems and couldn’t run. I’m a runner, I need to run, I need to be able to exercise. I was at the point where that hip hurt to just walk so I knew I needed help. Nancy is akin to a miracle worker, seriously! One session with her and I was running within two weeks and without pain.”
~ Leah

“Everything you do is magical… you know how to touch. You put the right pressure in each spot.”
~ D.H.

“In the last year, I experienced tremendous pain in my jaw. Nancy has been a lifesaver. I always schedule an appointment with her after dental work. She is much more than a Massage Therapist who studied a routine. In my opinion, Nancy is a healer. She is so in touch that she knows just what to do to relieve my pain. I recommend that anyone who sees a dentist treat themselves to a session with Nancy.”
~ Sharon Smith

“With over 17 years of martial arts training, I find Natural Massage Therapy to be one of the most effective means possible to relieve tension and facilitate quick recovery.”
~ KS

“Job-related stress and worry caused insomnia for which I was taking prescription medication. Natural Massage Therapy helped ease my tension allowing me to rest, relax and regain a healthy lifestyle.”
~ B.L.M.

“Natural Massage Therapy… An experience in which I can sink below my cognitive processes and just be… centered and wholly present. The best massage experience I have ever had. Thank you Nancy. You are a talented therapist.”
~ D.H.

Books by Nancy M. Turcich, NTS, BCPP

One Of Eight ~ my perspective on our brother’s suicide by Nancy M. Turcich, NTS, BCPP

“I finally found the courage to open One of Eight–my perspective on our brother’s suicide last night. It is truly fascinating and very, very good. As I picked through a few pages, I was stunned by its depth and style.”
~ R.L.

“I am half way thru One of Eight–my perspective on our brother’s suicide and have to say I really enjoy your sentiment, prose, and journaling. I have found so much value in the explanations of loss, struggles and your personal realizations. I can’t put it down and can’t wait to read the next book.”
~ Morge

“I can well imagine anyone dealing with suicidal feelings themselves or someone dealing with a “similar” situation relating to your story and finding points of inspiration as well as healing.”
~ Amy

“Truly a heartfelt story, I should say Life. The tragedy of losing Ronny and trying to cope grabbed my heart. Your book really shows how a personal disaster can be healed.”
~ A.B.

“The story One of Eight–my perspective on our brother’s suicide is engrossing, and the writing style draws the reader right in.”
~ A.D.

Videos by Nancy M. Turcich, NTS, BCPP

“I liked your video from Bisbee. It was really nice seeing you talk freely and comfortably to the audience.”
~ J.F.

“Very cool… good to see the real Chicago girl speakin’ the truth!”
~ K.L.

“Impressive, you just keep on putting yourself out there. Thank you for guiding the way and inspiring me.”
~ K.M.L.

Finding My Way From Paralysis To A Rich, Full Life by Nancy M. Turcich, NTS, BCPP

“You’ve got a book that will touch many lives!”
~ Kate Robinson

“Your book is done so well. I love your descriptive way of setting the scene and I am drawn to read more and more. I’m getting to know and appreciate you more with each chapter. Thank you for taking the time and effort to make this book a reality.”
~ Kerani Marie

“You write beautifully! The pain, the humor, the you! Your book has struck many emotions in me. I believe your book will ignite many conversations! Thank you for the gift, the gift of sharing … I haven’t read a good book in a long time!”
~ Annie Beren

“Reading your account of the accident, and your long recovery, inspired me. Your in-depth knowledge of natural therapies, along with the descriptions of your own healing journey, are eye opening and informative. I am grateful that you have found yet another way to help others – not only through therapeutic touch, but through words of hope and healing.”
~ Alisa Cook

“Believe it or not I’m half way through, which is a miracle in itself. I love it, but it only makes me miss you and your talent even more. But again, your book makes me feel like you’re right here. It truly is an incredible story and you should be so proud of all you accomplished. You have healed so many of us.”
~ Jenny Moody

“I read the intro of your book and already I am touched, impressed and interested in reading more. Your style and written words are well expressed and evocative.”
~ K.M.

I am almost through reading your book. It is amazing. So interesting, and I love your use of metaphors. That was a hell of a fall and I know how cleansing it must have been to write the book. I do applaud you for writing it and releasing your demons. I am learning so much more of your interesting life than I knew. It is a privilege to know you as a friend and healer.
~ Lynn LaBella